The house in Devon that Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes bought in August of 1961.

Sylvia said in a letter to a friend, : “It is… very very ancient… with castle-thick walls in the original back part and almost ten rooms, yet very compact and not at all rambling, feeling almost small… We have a U-shape of outbuildings around a cobbled courtyard – a big thatched barn, stables (!), and a thatched cottage… The house is white, with a black trim and this primeval peaked thatch.

They spent months repairing and decorating the house. Sylvia’s study overlooked the garden and St. Peter’s Church, a row of headstones dividing them, ‘the wall of old corpses’ as she put it. Their land contained an orchard of apple trees as well as a prehistoric mound.

For a while they were very happy there and settled into a routine of Sylvia writing in the morning and Ted in the afternoon, each taking it in turns to look after the children. Some of her most famous poems were written then – Blackberrying and The Moon and the Yew Tree for example.

After the couple separated in October of 1962, Sylvia began a regime of writing in the early morning before the children woke and many of the ‘Ariel’ poems were completed.

After Sylvia’s death in 1963, Ted returned to Court Green and wrote Crow and other works.


I'm pleased to say my drawing was used by the BBC for the programme - 'TED HUGHES - STRONGER THAN DEATH' shown as part of their Poetry season October 2015.