At the moment I would aim to complete a commission within three weeks of receiving the initial photographs or visiting the client. In the age of the digital camera photographs are normally sufficient unless there are specific features that might warrant closer viewing and/or sketching in which case there would have to be an additional charge depending on location. Again, it's a good idea to take the photo from a viewpoint that appeals to you but personally I always find it better to take from the side to a degree (usually the right) rather than confront a building head-on.
Perhaps the example of 5, Cwmdonkin Drive illustrates what I mean best of all - that came from a photo I took recently and I was conscious to get an angle across the building that by itself disregarded the dwellings either side. The same criteria apply for a detached property. If there are any details the owner wants removing - satellite dishes for example - then I need to be advised beforehand (I omitted the burglar alarm for Cwmdonkin Drive). You can send as many photos as you like via the medium of email or by post but I need to know your preferred view. If there are some features for which I want more detail then it's a simple matter to contact the client and ask for another photograph. Some people however commission for a gift and require an element of confidentiality but that's no problem as long as I have a specific email address and somewhere safe to send the completed work.