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Commission a unique, hand-drawn House Portrait

A House Portrait should be so much more than a faithful drawing of a building. It should capture the spirit of a home, its character and its charm. It should be much more than just an architectural illustration... it has to provoke all those good feelings that make a place a home.

Mine are hand-drawn portraits. They're not digitally transformed from photographs and then manipulated using clever computer software. The work is bespoke and personalised from a professional UK artist. They are freehand pencil drawings on Fine Art paper, I like to work the graphite under my fingers. They come mounted and can also be framed if desired.

House Portraits make original and unique presents and mine are at an affordable price. They are perfect as gifts between couples or for children to give to their parent. Great for anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas - and also an excellent way of just saying 'thank you'.

My drawings make a distinctive gift or memento. Black and white and the myriad of tones in between don't compete with any colour scheme. Customers can choose a frame for me to supply or simply take the mounted drawing and find a frame that they think will go perfectly with its surroundings.

There's no reason for the drawing to be of your current home. It could be the house where you grew up - the church where you were married or had your children christened - a favourite place that perhaps now only exists in a old, torn photograph. It might be the 'local' where you've spent many a happy hour (just as Dylan Thomas did in Brown's Hotel). The portrait can become a special possession, a memory cherished... potentially even a family heirloom.

They make superb house-warming gifts, memorable by comparison to the other presents.

When neighbours or friends have to say goodbye to each other, what better way to be remembered?

When sons or daughters eventually leave home a house portrait is the perfect way for parents to say, 'Remember... this will always be your Home too'. Or when they start a new life for themselves, the gift of a house portrait to parents is a great way of saying, 'Thanks for the Home you gave me'.

A House Portrait makes a perfect retirement present. It gives each contribution to the collection a special value and meaning.

And not forgetting the Estate Agents... a House Portrait is the perfect gift to give your client on closing a sale. It will mark the ownership of their new Home and leave your clients with a great impression of your service.



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